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Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Top 5 of the day : Something Soft

Welcome to my first post, it’s pretty nerve racking. Not knowing if anybody will read this in the first place. In that case, I will just continue to talk to myself, it’s not like anybody will find out … ;-)

Cushions possess the amazing skill of finishing off a room or a piece of furniture. Whether they come in one, two or even five, they manage to give it a finishing and homely touch.

Knowing me I’ll have found new favorite cushions tomorrow, so today I give you : My top 5 Cushion Designers of the day!

1. Annabel Grey Fabrics
We’ve been seeing flower prints on the streets for months now, and its only natural that it will crawl off the streets into our homes.
These amazing prints made me smile immediately as they are fun, colourful and oh so stylish. Be sure to visit
Annabel Grey Fabrics for more great cushions, curtains or fabrics.

Big Daisy Stripe Square Cushion 20" X 20"
Lollipops Blue/Grey Cushion 18" X 18"
Lollipops Cream Cushion 16"x16"

2. Ferm-Living
Want something different? Then these cushions are definitely up your street. Ferm-Living has designed a great line of printed cushions made out of high quality silk and cotton, with the softest filling, down.
If your looking for a less outspoken cushion, check out their site for more designs and other cool products.
Velo - Black
Birdcage - Black
Peacock - Petrol

3. Eco Centric
In this time and day everybody is thinking of greener options - why not start with your cushions? Eco Centric has come up with a line made out of organic cotton, recycled seatbelts, t-shirts and ties. Every cushion has its own background, handmade in the UK, or Peru. For other great idea's visit their site.
Organic Alpaca Cushion Khaki and Gold
Seatbelt Cushions
Mokimoe Organic Cushion - Yellow

4.Sarah-Jayne Guest
Let your imagination run wild with these cushion designs. They are so fabulous, they'll brighten up your world for sure. I expect to see loads more from this designer, mark my words. She has a clear view on what she wants, and I believe she will achieve it. In the meantime, look at her cushion designs here.
Leaf Cushion
Green Frog Cushion
Floral Cushion

5.Hunky Dory Home
The cushions Hunky Dory Home sells are simple, classic and fun. Basic colours combined with fun prints. I fell in love with their Retro prints, but don't be scared to have a look at all the other designs they have.
Brown Owl

I hope I've inspired you to start thinking outside the box when it comes to cushions - they dont always have to be plain, try something new, be inspired!


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