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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our new Study

A blank notebook, an unread book or an unopened packet of cookies just a few things that give me the same happy feeling as when you get the chance to have your own brand new space. Either a new workspace, new room or a new house. There’s no better feeling then getting to start all over. What would you do if you got the chance to start over? A new white canvas all for you, anything and everything goes. Where do you start?

I know the first thing I would do, is buy a vintage desk. An old wooden desk. It has to be big though, it needs to have space for lots of books, a pot of tea and obviously my macbook.

Oh, and a big comfy armchair I can climb into to read a book. It has to be a special chair, some chairs have that distinctive effect on you. What kind of effect? I’m sure you’ve felt it, probably when you very sneakily sat down in your (grand) fathers armchair when he wasn’t looking. Maybe even when you sit in a chair you’ve always wanted. Say for instance a Chesterfield or an Eames. This kind of chair has the very important quality of making you feel protected and most notably at home.

I could happily fill a room with just a table, an armchair and big piles of books. There’s something about books, the two best versions however, are brand new book and old warn books. Anything in between just lacks a little bit of that extra ordinary character.

If you’re looking for me, I’ll be in my study. Legs pulled up in my leather chair reading the newest novel. I’ll never look at my current workspace in the same way, I think I’ve fallen out of and in love.
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DC observer said...

When I'm rich Heather, I'll give you the contract for designing my study!

MichaelaJANE said...

I have the perfect chair for snuggling up in and reading :) Its called a love chair hehe

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